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We've exchanged!

Last week will go down in history as the most stressful week of my life.  For real. At the 11th hour, on the day we were finally ready to exchange after a painful 4 months, we were almost gazumped by a property developer.  If anyone outside of the UK is reading this, "gazumping" is where people come in at the last minute, months down the line, when your belongings are boxed, removals people are booked, and in your head you're already moving, deciding where to start in your dream home. Then in they swoop with a higher offer and the ability to exchange the very next day. Utter bastards. We ended up having to pay more money, then spent the next week chasing through documents caught up in backlogs (yes, doing the jobs we were paying our solicitor and mortgage lender to do...).

Anyway, I'm going to put that dark week out of my mind now and focus on the good stuff...because yesterday morning...


I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are, although it hasn't quite sunk in as it's been such a roller coaster of emotions for the last 4 months. And the best news is, we'll be in just before Christmas! Hurrah!  We've even got a few friends coming over for New Year's Eve...although if we have no heating we'll be down the local pub!

So finally, without the fear of jinxing the purchase,  I can put some of the agency pictures up to show you exactly what we're working with!

Ain't she a beauty...

Guess which one....
Some features we want to keep (no, not the heater)

The front reception room (check out the bar!)

The rear reception room (parquet vinyl no less)

The scullery (with one of THREE boilers)

The teeny tiny kitchen

The landing

The master bedroom

The second bedroom

The third bedroom (with a considerable amount of damp and rot)

The skanky toilet

And finally the garden (somewhere under there)