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We're IN!!

This is going to be short and sweet as we're pretty shattered, but we are IN!! The moving company were worth their weight in gold, nothing got smashed, it wasn't too painful, and most importantly the sofa got through the door. Just.

It's hard to comprehend at the moment that we won't be going back to our flat, oh our nice warm flat, our home for 6 years. The cats seem to be struggling with this fact too.  

I was completely overwhelmed by the kindness of our neighbours. Bibi who was our elderly neighbour made us sandwiches and then our other neighbour gave us a home made cake, and then our new neighbours came round with tea, biscuits and light bulbs. How nice some folk can be in times of need! Amazing.

Now we're off to coax some very traumatised cats from behind the curtains, glug some amazing British sparkling wine we've been saving, and huddle for warmth....'tis a cold night in London!