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Hello and welcome!

Hi there and welcome to my blog, glad you could stop by. I’m Gemma, a London based interior designer for a top retail design agency by day, with a serious penchent for DIY and domestic interiors.

After spending much of my youth doing up family homes and holiday escapes, it’s safe to say renovation is in my blood. My nan was the Dalai Lama of property renovating by all accounts, and is (still to this day) a total no nonsense roll-up-your-sleeves kinda girl, my mum is a tiling and wallpapering extraordinaire (something I can only aspire to, all hail!), my dad's a bit of a wonder with anything from knocking up decking to building conservatories, and me and my brother, from my memory, were great at swinging round sledgehammers, with mum making us blow the black stuff out of our noses at regular intervals. Oh yes, summer holidays were a total blast for our family, so it's no surprise that I ended up where I am. 

It’s probably wise to say straight off that I’m also a massive bargain hunter, or a bit of a scrooge some might say. YES, I love a bargain and hate waste, so there, it's out. It's just that I've been brought up to look after the pennies and, well, it's stuck. I save hard, and splurge on extravagances when I reeeeally want to.  It's something I'm not very good at doing to be honest, but with a house it's different, It's like I want to treat it, give it a makeover and show it a good time, but of course, on a budget.  If I'm gonna spend £90 this month, I want an amazing lamp or something to show for it. And that's why I intend to do this project of ours on a budget. We won't be scrimping all the way, but where we can, I like the challenge of doing it without it costing the earth.  
So, the blog! The blog is to document the impending turbulent process of me and my hubby Simon (also my very talented photographer and DIY partner in crime) as we move into and tackle the renovation of an Edwardian house in south west London. As well as letting you in on what we do with the place, in a sort of, I'm guessing, warts and all exposé, it'll be a taste of our life (everything within our four walls) and what inspires us. It'll also show the fabulous finds I stumble across and all those little DIY projects that I've got lined up and never get around to doing. The niceties and finishing touches are such a loooong way off yet, but one day, through sheer grit and determination (and a few tears no doubt) we'll get there! So for the moment, I have to be patient and think less about furniture and cushions and more about central heating systems and plastering. Yawn.
It's going to be a slow burner people, but I hope you enjoy the results and updates along the way. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments, it's always nice to hear from you!

Oh and meet Jack (or at least his nose), one of our two darling cats who I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of, with his pink-nosed brother, Tabsy.